Official The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Trailer

A leaked teaser for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot appeared on the web a few days ago, but now, Sony Pictures has finally released the trailer on the web in full quality. Enjoy!


16 Responses to Official The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Trailer

  1. Two problems I see with this movie:

    1. Yet another Origin Story for spidey.
    2. the Proto-goblin & Norman Osborn are the antagonists? Really?

  2. Problems with this:

    1. He was taking pictures and one spider escaped. He wasn't snooping around.
    2. His costume looks alright from far away, but the free running basically showed all the bad incorrect parts.
    3. Osborne again?
    4. GWEN STACEY?!?
    5. He looks too unkept, like not a kid that is nerdy and knows the square root of quantity of…etc.
    6. And his parents are in it.

    I will still eventually see this. sigh.

  3. Looks much more serious. I love it.
    Spiderman definitely needed a new approach. Hopefully it is less cartoonish than the versions Sam Rami gave us.

  4. what a bunch of twilight wannabe bullshit, been a spider-fan all my life, and i wont bother with this shit !!!

  5. At least Sam Rami was a comic book fan, not some puppet that makes movies to get teen girls into theaters for the men in suits

  6. People are far to critical of the marvel remakes they had their fun with the Hollywood style and these new ones look awesome.

    This one should (as far as i've read so far) be closer to the comic than the previous jokes.

    Also did I just see web shooters ?

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