Guitar String Oscillations Captured on iPhone 4

Kyle Jones wanted to capture the oscillations of his guitar strings on video while he played, so he installed his iPhone 4 inside his guitar to film as he plucked the strings. Check it out:

The result you see in the video above is not exactly how the strings really look when they are plucked, but is rather due to the rolling shutter effect.

[Via Neatorama]


2 Responses to Guitar String Oscillations Captured on iPhone 4

  1. way cool…..I haven't smoked any weed in a realllllly long time, but if if he cut the audio from the iPhone and synced the video to a higher quality recording device…..and started jamming a realllllly long Grateful Dead jam tune……I'd consider digging out that classic glass Tommy Chong Bong one last time………………LOL!

    (oh and Google–Tommy Chong Water Pipes, and click on 'Images' on the left hand sidebar, just for shits and giggles…and among all the obviously related photos of glassware and Tommy and Cheech, and books and posters et. al., on the 4th row of images is a photo of a Corn Flakes box with a picture of Michael Phelps in the water, fist raised, just after he's won a race!)…………… THAT'S Funny!)………..[which when expanded and the source behind it is brought forward turns out to be an "Onion"-like parody newspaper mockup]

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