Hobbit Casting News Brings Geek Rage, Fangirl Joy

"What's that? Oh, yes. It does seem I've upset some Middle-earth enthusiasts this day."

Last week’s announcement of Stephen Fry being cast as the Master of Laketown in Peter Jackson’s upcoming “The Hobbit” was great, and there was much joy in the Shire. But today’s announcement that Orlando Bloom will reprise his role as Legolas in “The Hobbit” is inspiring both joy and rage.

Comments on the news range from elated to furious on just about every site that’s posted about this. Why? ask the uninitiated. Well, Legolas isn’t actually in The Hobbit as written by Tolkien, and since the movie isn’t made yet and no one is exactly certain how Bloom’s character will be integrated into the film, already a rift has begun to spring up between the purists and fans of Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Sure, Bloom is beautiful. Yes, Legolas is a great character. Does that mean he needs to be in the prequel even though he technically isn’t? I’m not sure yet.

Personally, I trust Jackson to do justice to the source material. He’s maybe the ultimate Tolkien fanboy and I’m sure he has a legitimate (and faithful) interpretation of Bilbo Baggins’s story, which he is obviously trying to connect to the LotR movies for those who haven’t read the books. If that means including events from between The Hobbit and LotR, then I’m okay with that. But if this is a unforgivable ploy to get Bloom-swooning preteens to the box office, then I can’t say I approve. Do not want, Peter Jackson.

I’m on the fence. What do you think, Geeks?



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  1. Movies from books aren't always made to the exact script of the book, look at Return of the King did that end in the same was as the book? No, and it was still an excellent film!

    So if Peter wants to put Legolas in The Hobbit then I certainly don't object, I've faith he'll fit him in well and it'll be great.

  2. Well, Frodo is in it, and wouldn't have been born at the time of The Hobbit, so I'm thinking some kind of flash forward?

    • Neither Radagast the Brown nor Galadriel are in The Hobbit book either, but they're also cast to be in the movie.  With the case of Radagast, he was in LotR but didn't make the movies.

  3. I have faith that it’ll turn out for the best. Peter Jackson’s a smart director… if anyone can pull it off, it’s him! :D Yes, I’m a HUGE Legolas fan(he’s such a pretty elf boy…), but I’m not biased here. I think it’d be interesting to see what he does with it. 

  4. I have faith that it'll turn out for the best. Peter Jackson's a smart director… if anyone can pull it off, it's him! :D Yes, I'm a HUGE Legolas fan(he's such a pretty elf boy…), but I'm not biased here. I think it'd be interesting to see what he does with it. 

  5. Legolas is the son of King Thranduil of Mirkwood. Bilbo and the dwarves get dragged before Thranduil to explain themselves. Elves, you will recall, are effectively immortal (until killed by Peter Jackson writing them into scenes they were never in *cough* Haldir *cough*) — at the time of LOTR, Elrond is about three thousand years old, am I right? So even if Bloom's part consists entirely of standing around going "Look, Dad! These dwarves were totally trespassing," it can be wrenched into making sense.

  6. well… Thranduil is in the Hobbit… and that's his Father… so I reckon it's a legitimate addition, plus he might not be in the first film he might be in the second which is neither the hobbit or LOTR… so I'm happy for him to be included. Makes sense for Legolas to be in Mirkwood with his Dad, even if he's only seen.

  7. Of all the Tolkien books I've read, The Hobbit is probably the most lovingly worn out copy.  I don't remember Legolas every being specifically mentioned by name BUT I do remember them going into Mirkwood for a spell.  Stands to reason that since Legolas's father is Thranduil (whom DOES make an appearance, if I recall correctly) everyone's favorite Elvish Prince would have been hanging out somewhere close by.  I have faith in Peter Jackson to make it work, he did so with the first three movies and they took some liberties there as well that all made out well in the end.  :)

  8. Jackson had commented for frodos part it will likely be him reading bilbos story there and back again. Also for his part jackson said while legolas isn't in the book he would have been alive during certain battles and so it made more sense to him to include him then not to since given his position and given the fact that he would have been alive he would have most certainly fought then.

  9. They had better be using Legolas only as a background character. Yes, he technically was present, so let's have him only technically present in the movie. I'm afraid this is more a marketing gimmick than interpretation of the story, but I'm hoping Peter can control this in such a way that it doesn't disrupt the story just to get silly fangirl "SQUEEEE!"s.

  10. Actually Elrond's well over 3000, having lived through the 2nd and 3rd ages of the Sun, therefore he's about 5500 at least.

  11. ok  it makes sense that he could be in the movie.   Legolas would be alive during the Hobbit.  In the Lord of the Rings, they had Hugo Weaving as Elrond at the great battle with Sauron.  Which that was not written in the book but Elrond could have been there because elves just live that damn long.  LotR was very faithful to the books but there were changes..  they dropped Tom Bombadil.

  12. If Legolas (and others) are in the film, it will probably have something to do with the parts when Gandalf is off fighting what's left of Sauron in Mirkwood, which is an avenue I hope to see explored in some way. I too have faith in Jackson and his decisions, it should be fine. 

    • I can't find the link now (of course), but I remember reading that everything with Sauron and Mirkwood would be a more important plot point. As in, Legolas might not only have something to do with Gandalf there, I'd bet money he's with a contingent of elves fighting Sauron's forces. You know, fanservice with him getting some screen time being awesome.

    • I can’t find the link now (of course), but I remember reading that everything with Sauron and Mirkwood would be a more important plot point. As in, Legolas might not only have something to do with Gandalf there, I’d bet money he’s with a contingent of elves fighting Sauron’s forces. You know, fanservice with him getting some screen time being awesome.

  13. Well, considering that the character is the son of Thranduil, king of the wood elves that imprisoned the Dwarven party,I don't think it is much of a stretch to assume that his SON, the Prince of the woodland realms would be there to. 

    Now if they have him helping Bilbo fight the spiders and help them escape or something, THEN I might take an issue, but if they have him in the background with a couple of lines during the imprisonment/escape/war parts, that is very reasonable. I have a suspicion that his role will be expanded in the parts between the Hobbit and LOTR when they capture Gollum and imprison him in Mirkwood and his escape from the Elves, THEN he can have a much greater role in the movie without being untrue to the books or history.

    I have faith in Jackson and the producers

  14. He left Tom Bombadil out of Fellowship. He's no true fanboy! How can anyone even conceive of taking Tom Bombadil out of Fellowship — the only reason may only be due to time constraints (unjustified anyway) — yet stuff a stickfigure elf in there!? Vile! Evil! And … ooh shiny!

  15. I am a huge fan of the books.  I have been for a very long time.  I quite like the movies as well.  While most purists may be getting up in arms about this, I say go for it.  Why wouldn't he make a cameo?  There's a whole several chapters devoted to the time spent in Thranduil's kingdom, and as he happens to be his son, well…it follows as logical sense that he could appear.  For all you purists reading this and getting upset, don't bother.  I very well may know more about it than you.  I'd like to point out that yes, I know what I'm talking about; if I didn't, I would never have been asked to lecture at Sonoma State University about it.

  16. Lemmesee – there is a flash of Legolas in the crowded battle scene flashback in LotR – since, well hell, elves live for bloody well ever.

    There are, unnamed in the book, elven guides that are part of "The Hobbit" – who's to say Legolas could not have been one of them?

  17. As much as i adore Orlando Bloom… WHYYYYY???  I have read all the books… Even if Jackson finds a way to link the prequel to the previous movies…. WHYYYYY??  Whats the point… I fear that if that's his course of action, the plot will seem contrived… Like they needed Orlando back to make the movie more popular… so they just stuck him in anywhere… I am most sad. :(

  18. There will be 2 parts of the movie so I guess he will be in the second one, that one will be an original one, not made from the books. 

  19. I, for some reason, seemed to think Legolas was part of The Hobbit. So, duh to me, first of all.

    Second, I know Jackson is trying to make The Hobbit in such a way that if you watch it and then The Lord of the Rings, it'll feel like a streamed continuum, or something like that. Same way the score for LotR is supposed to play like an opera or some such. 

    Anywho, I'm not a fan of Bloom, but I do enjoyed Legolas very much. And I've (almost) blind faith in Jackson, Del Toro and Walsh (or was it Boyens? either one) – I know they'll do their utmost so that the story is as faithful as possible to the original, and that the in-between events add awesomeness to the story instead of taking from it and making it a horrible fangirly mess.

  20. For Gawd sake, It's a film for entertainment. If half films made based on books stuck to the story we'd be bored out of our brain. Peter it's your film, do what you like. No doubt you'll still make millions and all those twisting will still pay to see it. If they don't….So What, there are more important things in life

  21. I don't care at the moment. Maybe when the movies come out I will. Perhaps it will be just a cameo appearance in the background, or he will appear with the wood elves. Who knows? I'm not worried.

  22. I'm sorry but I'm a purist. I understand that with art it isn't about reproduction but interpretation, but I think that when you give a movie the name of a previous work, as imagined and created by someone else, you should respect it, and keep it as it is. As much as I loved Bloom's portrayal of Legolas, if he is not in the book, there's no reason for him to be in the movie.

  23. I'll fully admit that my elfish-fangirl self is absolutely loving the addition of Legolas back into the plot (time to pull my Legolas poster out of retirement). On the unbiased hand, I still think that Peter will do a smash up job with this movie like he did the three LOTR movies, even with the addition of characters not in the original plot.  

  24.  Thats right.
    But then I would like to have a look at Gimli, since he is Gloins son, even if The Hobbit and LotR have a time-gap from more than 60 years.

    But then, he (Peter) could include Tom Bombadil. Tom was the most awesome character in LotR and he was so missing in the movies.
    Even if he is not in the LotR-movies, maybe he will be seen in The Hobbit…?
    Would be great.

  25. Well an actor of Blooms caliber is not just going to be standing around, they're likely paying him a very large sum of money so he'll have a fairly prominent role.

  26. Considering the thing I am most looking forward to is Smaug and Jackson and Del Toro's (It should be amazingly original considering) interpretation of him, I can't really bring myself to care that Legolas is going to be making a reappearance unless–which I very much doubt, considering the continuity problems–they were to make him anything more than "This is my son, he is very pretty, as well as an elf" considering I don't remember Legolas saying he'd met Bilbo during the movies but it has been a while and I could be mistaken…

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