WANT: Mobile Zombie Apocalypse Shelter [VIDEO]

Holy crap I need one of those in my backyard, like, right now, just in case of, you know, a zombie apocalypse descends upon us in the near future.

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5 Responses to WANT: Mobile Zombie Apocalypse Shelter [VIDEO]

  1. Yes, yes, and even more yes! now what i think it really neat about these is possible application for storm shelters with their ability to be buried….now just to look at the cost.

  2. Y'know they made the same thing quicker at places like Bikini Atoll. an igloo made of sandbags filled with concrete and doused in water. Nasa used em too, had to take C4 to them to get rid of them

  3. Right, because in a zombie apocalypse I would want a shelter that only has one entrance and exit and can be surrounded by zombies. Great idea. Plus since zombies use flamethrowers all the time I would be safe. (Sarcasm)

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