Video Game Movies By The Numbers [Infographic]



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  1. Things this infographic told me that I already knew:
    People will pay to watch Angelina Jolie run around in short shorts.
    Video game movies suck.

  2. How come Hitman wasn't mentioned?     According to the numbers, It cost $17,500,000 to make.  and it gorssed $39,687,694 (US)

  3. Haha, the bottom five rated on RT are Double Dragon and four Uwe Boll movies. Predictable much?

    Also, I'm convinced the two reasons MK2 failed are killing Johnny Cage before the opening credits finished rolling, and the claymation ending fight.

  4. Pedant point (gar!) 'Lara Croft' isn't the highest grossing video game movie in absolute terms – that honour goes to 'Prince of Persia' with $335,154,643 worldwide. However 'Lara Croft' does take the title when inflation is taken into account.

    Both movies though were terrible.

  5. After a Resident Evil Marathon last night…I also remembered Silent Hill, that was pretty cool.
    Box Office
    Budget:$50,000,000 (estimated)
    Opening Weekend:$20,152,598 (USA) (23 April 2006) (2926 Screens)
    Gross:$97,607,453 (Worldwide) (April 2007)

  6. Odd not seeing Silent Hill on here. Figured it would show up on the list since it is a newer game based movie. Sadly enough, as much of a SH that I am, I dislike the movie because it is a joke. I know that Tomb Raider would make a lot of money. Angelina Jolie in short shorts is enough to sell it, no matter how bad it is.

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