Star Wars remake week: The Crowdsourced Edition

Today’s entry is by far the most ambitious, from It’s a crowdsourced remake in which web users each claimed a 15 second section of the movie and reshot it using whatever facilities they had available. The clips were then stitched back together to make the full-length movie, as well as this trailer:

[Star Wars Uncut]

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  1. Very creative! This will really be even bigger. Star Wars was and always be a hit. Now, it's the fans themselves – they're going out of their way to make Star Wars even bigger! Kudos to every Star Wars fan out there!

    This is another proof that fans can do a lot other than admiring and cheering for their favorite stars! This is another addition to crowdsourcing in the entertainment. Another recent example, is the song, "Perfect Harmony" by Taio Cruz ( which was performed live during the American Idol finale.

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