Who’s Guilty? Tilting the Controller [Picture]

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  1. And they say that old video games weren't interactive! My brothers and I were always jumping, wiggling and twisting around when we played. Of course, that was usually right before we were brawling on the living room floor UFC style for "cheating".

  2. I remember doing that all the time when gaming Crash Bandicoot with my cousin, she did the same -our tilting were just more violent though, sometimes we would accidentally punch each other with the controller, because it was a very sharp turn.. Ow ^^;

    Today when I play Amnesia with a friend we always tilt our heads to one side or try to look above the boxes, thinking it'll help a crap and we'll be able to see so much more by doing that!

  3. I didn't do it back then and I still don't like to do it now. Why can't I just play without having to move ? Gaming is not what it was -_-

  4. Haha true enough, I have a good friend, and when she and her kids came over my place to play Little Big Planet one of the kids actually throw the controller sideways trying to move the sackboy to the right direction. :)

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