Free Download: Portal 2 Soundtrack and Ringtones

Yeah, I have to admit that the headline of this post might make it sound a little spammy, but trust me, it’s not.

The fine folks over at Valve are offering Portal 2 fans free music and ringtones from the game! Just head over to, where you can download the game’s soundtrack along with a set of 6 ringtones. I’ve already installed “Turret Wife Serenade” on my Nexus one, and can’t wait to see if it’ll generate a glimmer of recognition in the eyes of total strangers.



6 Responses to Free Download: Portal 2 Soundtrack and Ringtones

  1. 'Thrust you' ?  Is this a Freudian slip or are you making us geeks an offer?  *giggles*

  2. I grabbed a Portal 2 sounboard off the Android Market a little while ago. My ringtone is currently the whole "birthday medical experiment" speech. I've gotten a few twinkles. ;)