Geek Rage in 3…2…1… [VIDEO]

Geek rage in 3…2…1…

Spoof the WHAT?


21 Responses to Geek Rage in 3…2…1… [VIDEO]

  1. That was awesome – I sat there going, "Geek rage what are they talking abou….WTH DID HE JUST SAY!?!!!!" 

  2.  I heard him say "PI" when I watched the eppisode a few days ago and I was like…wth is that? Didn't he mean IP?

    I just realized now what an epic mistake they made. Geeks everywhere are weeping.

  3. According to the best tv-writers out there all high end network security systems are based on IP (or PI) filtering. 

    •  I am still wondering what this weird os is they all use to hack into it. If you type some simple sequences windows jump open webcam programs are launched :)

  4. it did caught my attention when i watched it. im not sure if its IP or its really PI which i dont know what. lol

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