It’s Caturday: Cat in Tank Destroys Everything in Sight

Cats in tanks? May Vectron have mercy on our souls!

Warning: Video contains strong language.

[Via Obvious Winner]

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  1. It's getting really old to be watching a "cute" or "funny" video on this site with my KID IN THE ROOM OR THE NEXT ROOM and have NSFW language blasting out of my speakers… GAS… mark stuff as needed or get un-subbed from my RSS reader!


  2.  GAS, could I ask y'all to just make a polite note if there's going to be NSFW language in a video?  I don't want to get in hot water with my boss. Thanks. :)

      • When a giant, loud f-bomb is dropped when my three year old is in the room, I can't help but to tell it how it is. GAS has done this quite a number of times in the last few months. I didn't make a "demand" I simply stated a fact. I cannot be a GAS reader if they are not going to mark these kinds of videos with a heads up. It's that simple.

        I may add, GAS *used to* give a warning, and videos like this *used to* be much more rare. It's been on the uptick lately. Honestly, I still like the content, but I need the warning. I work from home, my kids are always around. Other people work in offices and can't be having it either. That's common sense. I find it ironic that you complain that I am "making demands" or being rude (or whatever) when GAS's lack of warning here is incredibly rude to me as a reader. GAS isn't, say, the Maxim site or Cracked, where I expect off color language or images or video to appear on a regular basis. It's a site that, up until recently, was either clean or warned folks when it wasn't. Now it's not like that. I know to beware when visiting Cracked or whatever, but it's getting to be a problem visiting GAS.

        If you work/write for GAS, it's a shame that you would reject important feedback from your readership simply because someone put it in the form of, "this bothers me and I will unsubscribe if you continue doing it." As someone who has been writing professionally on the Internet for over five years now, I take *all* reader feedback seriously, regardless of how it was stated, even if it is pretty harsh.


        • You're right Justin, A "strong language" warning was in order. Sorry about that… I honestly didn't think about it when I posted this… 

        • Justin, I think you have confused "telling it like it is" with "acting like you're the seeping fistula on the ass-end of humanity". 

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