Made of WIN and AWESOME: Remote-Controlled Superhero [Video]

Just imagine, one evening, as you’re walking around your neighborhood, you see this thing zipping past you in the sky:

Now for only $295, you too can make your neighborhood’s kids think that superheroes actually exist!

Specifications: The full scale RcSuperhero is 75 inches tall, weighs approximately 3 pounds, and has an “arm span” or wingspan of 45 inches.

Flight characteristics: Great! This is due to the low weight to surface area and that it has a high wing like a Piper cub with a low center of gravity. In addition, he has plenty of vertical tail surfaces due to the double side bodies; which adds to the stability. Also, the RcSuperhero has oversized control surfaces and likes to fly upright. He takes off by being thrown or by standing upright in a stand and lands on his belly skids.

Thrust: The RcSuperhero has about 6 pounds of thrust; this allows for vertical take off.


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  1.  i would like to build it just to watch reactions to it – too much fun – so probably against some law somewhere

    • It's just a radio-control airplane and there are 300,000 r/c pilots in the US, so no there is no law against having r/c fun as long as you dont endanger anyone… 

  2.  The coolest thing about this is that it proves beyond any previous doubt that the human form is capable of flight, as long as sufficient counters are added.

    • Only for those human bodies weighing 3 pounds or less. Nice try to think that you're genetically selected for flight. Maybe if you get to work on evolving, you'll get there in another 3 million years… significantly after you learn the human body will never be capable of flight.

      • I don't know about you, but my body is perfectly capable of flight. It's pretty easy, as long as you prepare beforehand. And by prepare, I mean strapping into a glider :)

  3.  WTF? This video pissed me off. They shoulda flown that thing over some buildings or close to the ground instead of just doing loops in one spot. Very cool tho!

  4. PROTIP:

    Paint this the same color as your outfit.

    Hide in the bushes.

    Wait until people are watching.

    Have a friend fly the super hero in the bushes you are hiding in.

    Exit the bushes, dusting yourself off and acting like nothing happened.



    • Hello Michael je regarde le video du superheros et quand je me met a lire les commentaires ,je pouf de rire plus capable de stopper . 

      ha ha ha mettre un costume de Jésus ..


  5. I've seen modern aircraft with Forward facing wings, can you make one with his "arms" projecting forward from his shoulders, so it looks a bit more like when Superman flies ?
    More like a

    With his arms out in front of himself, and body and legs trailing behind?

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