Superhero Movies By The Numbers [Infographic]



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  1. Aren't Blankman, Hero At Large, Zebraman, Condorman, Orgazmo, The Specials, Sky High, Meteorman and Ultrachrist not based on comic books either?

  2. Does the women thing just mean as primary leads? I think the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic 4 played a major role…

      • Don't worry, the other side which states there are only 4 main title "alien or otherworldly superheros" is incomplete as well. After mentioning that Supergirl is one of the only female lead superhero movies, they kinda forgot she was technically an alien like Superman. At least, I assume she is. I don't know anyone who actually watched that movie, so maybe she's some kind of crazy shapeshifter.

        But if they count Hellboy as 'not of this world', then why not Ghost Rider?

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