Introducing Sony’s New PlayStation Tablets [Video]

Playstation Tablets: S1 and S2

Sony has just released a short video giving us a first look at their upcoming S1 and S2 PlayStation tablets. Check it out below:


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    • Yes, I'm sure that Sony developed this since Wednesday night when the PSN went down to an external intrusion. 7 days to create a new product and a video to show it off. Or, the people working on this don't work on the network, since they're engineers, and the network is mostly IT guys.

    • Huh I thought they already had a PSP for playing old PS games on the go.

      Handheld market is too saturated for this to take off. Unless it's also a phone and small enough to warrant carrying around Andriod/Iphone will stay the primary device and gamers will already have some sort of DS or PSP if they travel enough to need one.

  1. The fact that it's a touchscreen is totally ridiculous. Who wants to try to play an actual game with just a touchpad? Way to jump on the bandwagon, Sony. You always give me new reasons to hate you.
    Music in the clip was pretty cool though.

  2. Great. It will have its own application store that will go dark for WEEKS. The content would probably always require connectivity, rendering the device much less useful than a table mat.

    Oh and, touch screen for gaming? Really? Wasn't this the disadvantage of the Apple, Android crowd?

    Why is Sony getting ideas from PHONE manufacturers?

  3. It is also a phone and small enough to justify carrying around Andriod / iPhone will be the main unit, and the players will already have a sort of DS or PSP if they travel enough to need one.


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