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  1. I fit in with the PC users profiles, but since I am older than the demographics they measured, maybe the "culture" doesn't apply so much. I switched to Mac before there was Windows, back when there really was a huge difference in usability. Never saw a reason to switch back.

  2. Paid for by the people for Steve Jobs for President.
    Mac people are 21% more likely to consider themselves computer-savvy. Not according to the tech support calls I take.

  3. 0% of PC people are likely to wait in line in front of a store at 3 am for the latest marginally-useful-but-highly-overpriced gadget shat out by overlord Jobs.

  4. I'm pretty sure that PC people "are more likely to say talking about computers is akin to 'struggling with a foreign language" is more likely in reference to when talking about computers with a Mac person or less experienced PC person.
    What can we say? We don't let marketing into the decision making loop when it comes to naming computer processes and hardware. We call it a formatting program, not iClean.

  5. Haha I was about to say that, about Macs being for hipsters. Indie films? Hummus? 80% VEGETARIAN?! Also, they shoulda had a vegan stat for the Mac users. That would've been pretty high too

    It makes me sad that Mac users think of themselves as more computer-savvy, but PCs cover a wider demographic, and a lot of the elitist computer geniuses use Linux anyway

    • Actually, it didn't say 80% of Mac users are vegetarians. It said they're 80% more likely than PC users to be vegetarians. I think that means if there are 10 PC users who are vegetarians, there'd be 18 Mac people who are vegetarians… or something like that. Not totally certain. I hate math. :P

      But yeah, this really solidified my belief that Mac computers control their owners brains, forcing them to wear a fedoras and skinny jeans and those thick rimmed eye glasses whether they have poor vision or not.

  6. ok lets see,
    dont fit in and happy about it
    love partying
    geek chic
    hate mc donnalds fries
    love root bear
    hate tuna fish, heros, and melts
    techhead as early as i can remember
    dont like southpak
    dont like "syfy" or USA
    love they daily show and colbert report
    yep…I am definatly a PC person

  7. I have a Mac at home and use a PC at work. I find both work very well.
    I am 50% confused why there is such weird animosity between users of a product.
    When was the last time you called someone a hipster d-bag for preferring Coke over Pepsi?

  8. I love how the percentages are twisted to make Mac users look cooler: 71% of PC people prefer jeans vs. Mac's 18% chic & 14% retro. Let's see 100% – 18% – 14% = 68% of Mac users who aren't hip.

  9. I'm a PC person…

    Let's see…I'm libertarian, don't feel like I have to fit in with the crowd and love being unique, love modern design (and "Dwell" magazine, at least parts of it), am vegetarian, love hummus (and veggie wraps with hummus!), and am 20 years old.

    Statistics are interesting…but you have to be careful not to stereotype! :)

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