Nook Color Now With Angry Birds

I have been relatively happy with my Nook Color as an e-reader in general. However, given its price tag and the adaptability of the Android platform, I’ve always thought that that the software was severely limited. It really never could play even Youtube videos properly, and websites were hit and miss. Also, I’ve really missed out on “apps” but since I don’t have a smart phone, call the Geek police, I don’t really know anything other than Angry Birds being missing from my life. I know that I could “nooter” or root my Nook Color, but I’ve never had time or been geek enough to make the jump, mostly because I wanted to finish the Sookie Stackhouse novels I downloaded.

Nook Apps, Video and Email Update

NOOK Color Software Update

Today, I opened my email and was happily surprised to see an announcement showcasing the infamous Angry Birds as one of the Apps to be available now. They also promise a full service email program, upgraded browsing and video via Flash. Once I get home, we’ll see if it’s everything it’s promised to be!