How To Fix Any Computer in 2 Easy Steps!

A funny, and unfortunately often all too true comic by The Oatmeal!


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  1. The sad thing is that the last one is seen as the "worst", when in fact it's the only one that demonstrates the user actually uses his brain for something.

    • Using our brain is soooo wrong, especially for something as using a computer. Computers should be sold on the shelf right next to tv-colors and coffee machines.
      [End Of Sarcasm]

      The only thing about linux is that it is addictive: if something goes wrong a linux user may spend nights to try to fix it, learn where or what went wrong and never repeating (or quickly dealing with) the same mistakes.

      Of course it is not meant for casual users because it requires a basical knowledge of how a computer works. Hell I reconfigured X from shell the first time I used Linux, it was mandrake 8.1 and I was 13, if it was possible for me, who never used *nix until that moment…

  2. Yes it's a joke, yeah yeah, a bad one! ¬¬

    I have been using GNU/Linux for 12 years. I don't know to program neither in C++, nor in Java. I just have a billy-goat beard and I smell like flowers XD.

    One of the great things of GNU/Linux is you can know wich is the problem, the information is there, in the logs. Reinstalling GNU/Linux is something that novices that came from Windows do, but it's possible.

  3. As pointed out: It would be funny if accurate.

    Linux: Step 1: Search various forums. Find only people with the same problem as you have. Finally find a blog with steps to solve this, involving following a list of commands on a commandline. Find out that one of the commands in that list include a typo. Post a comment.

    Linux: Step 1: Ask your boyfriend/son/cousin/sister to fix it for you.

    Linux Step 1: Install several tools with apt-get. Find out that they are incompatible and break eachother. Remove them all and change that darned /etc/somefile by hand instead.

  4. Please this is stupid. You run a repair install. Easy as pie. Put in the Install CD, select repair install. Wait. When finished reboot. tada! all done, and everything in your home dir is still there. If you're gonna dog on linux at least learn what you're dogging on. It's not funny because it's so utterly void of any anchor in reality.

  5. just FYI:
    here only linux users are complaining about the joke… You are sad people.

    Before someone tells me "because on the other system is true" (bullshit). No, it is fucking not but you are annoying, sad people. Just laugh and take it easy from time to time for god's sake. You cannot even understand what a joke is??? Bah…

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