How Dual Monitors Are Actually Used [Pic]


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  1. I dunno – I used my main monitor as my work "surface" and used the other monitor for any other documents I might be referencing or comparing to.

    • And then there were all the times I left Zune up on my secondary one because it has too nice a GUI to hide beneath other Windows if you can help it.

  2. When I'm doing user support, it's nice to be able to see the question on one screen and work on the problem on the other screen.

    When I'm testing software, it's very helpful to have the test plan on one side and the application I'm testing on the other. I've saved tons of paper since I changed to a dual screen setup.

    Now that I've justified having dual screens, I can admit that the picture above is so very true. ;)

  3. another great use is when your in a 3d chat community at a trivia event. those with dual monitors will be able to most quickly google/wiki whatever on one screen and stay alert to whats going at the event.. hahaha
    if you've ever used something like second life where you can build vast structures with detail.. it helps to have a second character logged in on the other screen for alternative view points and having different clusters of the build selected w/o having to unselect some stuff to select other stuff repeatedly

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