Robots: They are Different [Pic]



7 Responses to Robots: They are Different [Pic]

  1. I do like the punchline…robots…binary. But otherwise the rest makes no sense whatsoever. Public bathrooms…beeping…what? No compredo, senor.

    • Dunno if you regularly use a cellphone, but they tend to make noises to notify the user of certain things, e.g. pressing a key, receiving a text, confirmation of sending a text, etc.

  2. Some phones beep when you push the buttons. I turned that off within the first hour of using my phone.

  3. Ehm. So let me get the joke here, Machines code (Binary) is written in 1's and 0's (True and false) and they're trying to imply that somehow a robot would not be using other than those?..Thats a horrible joke…