REMINDER: Geeky Banana Sculptures + Fruit / Vegetable Sculpting Contest [Pics]

EDIT: We Only received 2 entries so far for the contest (see below)! Come on geeks, we need more!

Hey ladies and gentlegeeks! After seeing these geektastic banana sculptures on Obvious Winner, a brilliant idea came to me: why not ask you guys to sculpt something geeky on a fruit or vegetable of your choice? I’m not going to ask you to do this for nothing, of course, so I’ll be giving away a $20 prize (via paypal only!) to three random [GAS] readers who can send me any geeky-themed fruit / vegetable sculpture before the end of the week (April 24th, 2011). After being done with your chef d’oeuvre, snap a picture of it and then send it to us via the email address located in the contact section of the blog.

Oh, and please note that sculptures made on pumpkins will NOT be accepted! :)

And if you’re worried that you’ll be doing all this for nothing, why not see this as an opportunity to bring out the artist in you? You can use as many fruits as you want to express your vision, so be creative!

Good luck to everyone!

[Via Obvious Winner]


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  1. So… Are we going to see the fruits of everyone's labor soon? I've carved out a niche in my office and am just vegging until I see the contest sculptures! ;)

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