Paramount Releases New Super 8 Trailer [Video]

Paramount has just released a whole new trailer for J. J. Abrams’ upcoming super 8 movie, which is planned for release on June 10, 2011. Enjoy!

Set in 1979 Ohio, a group of six young children use a Super 8 camera to make their own zombie movie. One night while filming near a remote stretch of railroad tracks, the children witness a truck collide with an oncoming train leading to a catastrophic derailment. Amidst the fire and destruction, something inhuman emerges. [Source]

[Super 8]


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  1. I have to admit, I was way more excited about this movie before seeing this trailer. I'll watch it, no doubt there.
    Aside from the fact that this trailer seems to show us that this is going to be more of a classic scary kids adventure(The Goonies comes to mind), anything I've seen Spielberg come close to over the last 10 years or so has been pretty much ruined in my opinion.

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