It’s not the… that kills you [Pic]

It’s not your final speed that kills you, it’s the force of your sudden change of momentum.



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  1. lol guys the bigger the acceleration = the bigger velocity = the bigger force = the more dmg on you.
    So its not the Force that matters but your speed. If your speed is too slow then you win not die cause the Force will be small. But If your speed is fast then Death will occur. F = a x m (where a is acceleration and m is mass)
    Power on the other hadn is P = V x F so again the power will be small if the velocity is small. And because the equation for Velocity is V = Vo + a*t (a = acceleration and t is period) that means if acceleration is small then Velocity is small and so Force is small too. So if Acceleration is small then you will not have big velociy thus you will survive. F = a * m AND P = V * F hence P = Vo +a*t*a*m (its all about the speed :))
    Speed kills end of story.

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