Job Roulette

So geeks, what window should YOU bring to the front!!??



4 Responses to Job Roulette

  1. So as my boss is coming closer, the number of mouse clicks increase, as the number of keyboard presses decrease? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Although I guess it depends on the type of work, or if you'd like to spend your timeout at work writing private emails or surfing 'round the web.

  2. Mine is easy, I use guake on my desktop, so just hitting F12 gives me a full screen shell for what ever bit I am working on.

  3. Closer is farther down the axis? What is x=0? Shouldn't this be relabeled as "Boss's proximity to my desk" then?

    I realize you were trying to make the graph as a function of "time" really (otherwise x=0 being your boss over your shoulder would make it seem like he started there and walked away, as opposed to him being away and walking up to you) but then label the axis as such.

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