Hungarian Star Wars Posters [Pics]

Check out these absolutely amazing, confusing, trippy, crazy, incredibly cool Hungarian posters for the original Star Wars trilogy and see if you can figure out just what the heck is going on in each one.

So, I guess that green guy with the sword must have been one of those peripheral characters that was juuuust off-screen in the Cantina. He’ll have an incredibly hard-to-find action figure someday, I’m sure.  And I hear R2-D2 shoulder pads were all the rage in 1977.

That AT-AT looks like it’s been inspired by Salvador Dali’s elephants.  Still, though, this is probably my favorite one of the three.

And, last but not least, is that supposed to be a Gamorrean Guard at the bottom or what?  I’m so confused, yet I can’t look away.

Which one’s your favorite, geeks?

(via Monster Brains)

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