Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim First Official Game Trailer

It’s here geeks! The first official trailler for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has just been released, and it looks positively AWESOME! Check it out!

[Via Joystiq]


4 Responses to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim First Official Game Trailer

  1. Don't look that awesome to me. Gameplay pretty much looks the same. Graphics – same. The story is pretty interesting, though. I am a big fan of Morrowind, but I really do hope they can make something good out of Skyrim. Keepin' my fingers crossed.

  2. That looks great! I might need a new card to play it optimally…or jump two years into the future to find one. Anyways, I certainly do hope the gameplay is similar…its stupid to move away from something that works. The only thing that will trouble is if there is a way to keep the player engaged, even after finishing quests. The problems with Fallout 3 and Oblivion were that things were pretty bland once you finished most of the quests.

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