An Update is Available For Your Computer [Comic]



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  1. The reason why the Linux update is more popular than the windows one. No multiple reboots, you keep on doing what ever you were doing and next time you boot up it is all there, it is really just far more polite to do it that way (especially as distribution updates also cover most of the applications you are likely to use).

  2. Maybe I am still too new to the mac world (I just got my first one back in October), but I have yet to pay anything for a software update. I will admit that the Apple way seems to be more expensive than the others but for a simple update I have yet to pay a dime. I should also point out that OS updates on a Mac are cheaper than a new version of Windows.

  3. Um…OS updates are free included with your license whether it's an open source or paid license. But seriously, "Not again!" for Windows? No wonder so many Windows computers get infected or hacked–because of users like that that delay updating or don't update at all! Thank the dev's for auto-update on all platforms.

  4. Looks like the dude that did the comic never had a mac. Updates don't cost, and they DO have great stuff on in. And also for the spanish people here, las actualizacions de MacOs no cuestan :) asi que no es verdad.

    When Snow Leopard came out, it was like $30usd and its way more than a service pack, compare that with switching Windows versions…

  5. Claro que no. Mac no cobra por sus updates, solo de juegos y programas y no cuestan $99, muchas veces son de $9 Tampoco crean que Linux es la panacea porque no es así.

  6. This comic strip is a LIE and enforces misconceptions about Apple, I never had to pay a dime for a MacOSX update, the only semi-update they're charging anything for is FaceTime, it's 99 cents, not dollars, and it's not really an update, you have to go to App store to buy it, and you don't HAVE to do that because skype, fring etc are just as free as on any other platform. I've paid more for a single computer license of Windows 7 Home edition than I would have to pay for 6 Mac machines, but who cares, right?

  7. Que alguien me diga, si tiene cojones, qué actualización de Mac OS X, de las que te avisa el sistema, es de pago. Seguro que el que lo ha hecho no tiene un mac, ni lo ha tenido en su puñetera vida.

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