Can’t Touch This [Pic]

Yes, I totally posted this only because I thought the shirt looked clever and cool. That girl had absolutely nothing to do with it. ;)

Oh, and for all our readers belonging to the fairer sex, I’ve commissioned Adrienne, one of our newest contributors, to write something exclusively for you gals, so wait for it in the next few days!

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12 Responses to Can’t Touch This [Pic]

  1. Loving that T-Shirt, my only question is the girl a recomended purchase when i buy the T-Shirt or do i need to search for my own?

  2. Did you guys notice how the curve is slightly off for it's positive part? (2;2) should be part of it! It's a outrage!
    (Also, cute model, yeah)

  3. Might get you ridiculed by math geeks for having that limit part in there… so the whole thing evaluates to "1" and ruins the joke. :/

  4. Ok, I figure the curve not touching (2,2) is due to some kind of curved space.
    This is an inconsistency, up with which I will put for this young lady.

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