If You Cheat in… [Pic]



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  1. if you cheat it means by the time you get a job I'll have to do your part in the project as you lack basic knowledge. Which I won't accept and will result in you getting kicked of and stuck with a negative reference in your CV that renders your 5 years of cheating useless anyway.

    So yeah start learning the material or quit now, why waste 5 years for nothing?

    • Mainly because Engineering only takes a truly clever person 2 or 3 months to learn. 5 Years only exist for you ego or to justify lecturers salaries.

      • It would take a normal person 1 year to learn if he grasped the mathematical knowledge behind most of the theories, never said it was hard. I think 5 years and the constant barrage of new immense quantities of information only exist so the guy later hiring knows you can cope with learning massive amounts of cryptic stuff in record time then being able to take theory into practice. .

  2. Engineering??? ok, cheating it's kind of dangerous, but, I'd be very worried if instead of engineering were medicine classes!!!

  3. Stop being so dramatic. You would never be given a big construction project as a graduate. There is a project manager amongst at least 100 + people involved in projects from the architects to the cad technicians, structural engineers and civil engineers. There is no way this could happen. A graduate would have to have to rise through the ranks (which takes years) before being given the sort of responsibility when peoples lives are at stake if mistakes are made.

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