Choose Your Doom: An Unhappy Zombie Adventure

Any Geek worth his NaCl remembers Choose Your Own Adventure books, and probably spent more than a couple hours trying to find one of the few ways to make it out of the stories alive. In a grown-up revival of sorts, the interactive story returns with Choose Your Doom®: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

From the Doom Press website:

This thrilling, fast-paced adventure pits you, the reader, against hordes of the undead. Every page offers a choice that can result in a grizzly death or bring you one step closer to stopping the zombie horde.

According to the book’s authors (and cover), there are “absolutely no happy endings”, but you are guaranteed a number of “gruesome means of meeting your maker”.

Choose Your Doom®: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!, written by DeAnna Knippling and Dante Savelli, and illustrated by award winning artist Ana Bruno, can be purchased here.

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