Retro Who Wallpapers Make Your Computer Cool Again

Is your computer lame? Would a red-headed beauty spice things up a little? How about an adorably awkward alien with two hearts and a gift for gab? Well, Doctor Who fans, you’re in luck! The BBC’s website is offering some incredibly awesome wallpapers inspired by 1960’s movie posters to give your desktop the groovy upgrade it so desperately needs.

With designs ranging from Hammer horror-esque to Jimmy Stewart schmaltz, fans of all stripes should be able to find one that fits their style. Choose from Victory of the Daleks, The Hungry Earth, The Lodger, and one loosely-based on the wildly-popular 2010 Christmas special (Seriously, if you didn’t cry even just a little, you might be a Cyberman).

They also have all four images – as well as a bonus Victory of the Daleks design – as a screensaver, available for both Mac and PC.

So, Whovians, which one’s your favorite?


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  1. The last one with Rory and Amy. I'm a bit fan of that ship. :)

    I'm surprised there haven't been any comments on this post. Whovians, were are you? :(

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