The Evolution of Handwriting: From Kindergarten to Adulthood

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  1. My handwriting's not that bad (yet). When I was hostessing at a restaurant, the manager asked me to write the specials because he assumed that, being a girl, I have nice handwriting. Was he ever surprised – the waitress said I have little boy handwriting.

  2. All fun aside, I wish there was enough renewed interest to have handwriting taught in schools again. There's a real cognitive connect that occurs when writing your thoughts by hand that doesn't occur to the same degree with keyboarding.

    The ability to write without the aid of a machine is a fundamental human capability, not quaint nostalgia.

    • Explain to me the fundamental differences between writing with a pencil, using the mechanics of your arm to create lines and contours, and using the mechanics of your arm to press buttons to create the lines and contours for you.
      I agree with you, there is more personal accomplishment and attachment to writing with a pen and/or pencil for most people, but only because that is the way we have been instructed, that the traditional arts are to be more respected, essentially, because they're harder. I personally am more attached to my .txt documents than my pieces of paper, because I've had more use with a mouse and keyboard to the extent I can type considerably faster and more accurately than I can write with a pencil. I'm more proud of my typing ability than my ability to write, as they say, 'each to his own'.

    • This depends entirely on how you've trained yourself.

      On a keyboard, words make shapes that are held in my mind – I have this "cognitive connect" you speak of when it comes to typing. However, my profession doesn't require handwriting – so I don't do it very often. There is no longer any "connection" that may have developed in school.

      Writing without a machine isn't a fundamental human capability, as it had to be taught to us when we were young (or older, depending on the source of your education) – the same as typing.

  3. Heh, I don't think my handwriting has progressed past "Kindergarten." I'm a HS junior. It looks like cursive combined with printing, combined with…I don't really know.

  4. this is the proof about that some people change their life when the keyboard enter in their life xD! personality i change so much when i write on handwriting xD! cos i let of use pen or something like that.. i just use the printer and crayols when i have to mark the box what i work on the storage.. <:P

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