A “Brilliant” Idea: LiteOn’s Upcoming Mobile Lamp

French Canadian journalist Maxime Johnson, who’s currently visiting the “Display Taiwan” exhibition in Taipei, brought LiteOn’s upcoming LED “mobile lamp” to my attention today. As most LED light bulbs, the “mobile lamp” is compatible with traditional incandescent light bulb sockets, but what sets it apart from similar products is its internal battery, which can keep the light powered for up to two hours in the case of a power failure. The bulb can also be turned on and off when running on battery by gently tapping its base.

Unfortunately, the “mobile lamp” is still under development and will not be released to the market until next year, but when it is, it will be priced in the $50 range. Kind of expensive at first, but considering that the device’s lifetime is around 30 years and that all it consumes is 7w of power, it’s probably worth the investment.

[Via Maxime Johnson]

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