Apple: We’re Not Wrong, You Are [PIC]

Did you know that Apple now offers an in-store surgical procedure to help you use your new iPhone 4G without the inconvenience caused by the device’s antenna problem. Behold: [Via] Advertisements


Wonder Woman Gets a Makeover, Fights Vampires?

It’s not a bad thing that DC is trying something to boost sales for the underachiever of the classic “holy trinity” that Wonder Woman makes up with Batman and Superman. And giving her a makeover isn’t a bad idea either, since as the new writer for the series, J. Michael Straczynski, pointed out, “What woman […]

How Secure is your Password?

Most people realize that some passwords are harder to guess than others. But a new online tool allows you to see just how much variation there is. The appropriately named has a single, simple purpose: you type in your password and the site tells you how long it would take a desktop PC to […]

Wednesday Geeky Pics: Sexy Super Villains!

As a follow-up to our super heroines and super heroes, here’s a look at the other side of the sexy coin: villains! Unsurprisingly, the cosplay in this arena has proven to be predominantly female – so if you happen to have any great pics of guys in villain garb, feel free to leave them in […]

Twillight Eclipse: The 8-Bit Movie / Game

Twillight Eclipse opens on the big screen today, but if you want to save yourself a few hours of time and the price of a movie ticket, check out this interactive 8-bit style version instead. [Via Kotaku]

Street Fighter Cats + Epic Team Fortress II Mod: Laser Cat

This one is for all you cat-loving geeks and gamers out there. The first video takes something we’ve all seen, a fight between two cats, and adds the music from Street Fighter on top. Be on the lookout for Guile’s signature move! The second video shows a TF II mod which includes Laser cat as […]

WARNING: You Are Being Monitored [PIC]

A sign found by Flickr user Justin DM while walking around the Electric Avenue pavillon of the Museum Quarter in Vienna, Austria. Looks like Big Brother actually has a sense of humor over there! [Via Neatorama]