Wonder Woman Gets a Makeover, Fights Vampires?

It’s not a bad thing that DC is trying something to boost sales for the underachiever of the classic “holy trinity” that Wonder Woman makes up with Batman and Superman. And giving her a makeover isn’t a bad idea either, since as the new writer for the series, J. Michael Straczynski, pointed out, “What woman only wears only one outfit for 60-plus years?” Of course, her outfit isn’t the only thing that’s getting a makeover – her backstory is getting overhauled as well, even though this is apparently only temporary.

But all I could think when I saw this drawing of Wonder Woman’s new costume is that she looks as if she belongs on the cover of an urban fantasy novel. Probably with her back turned, and some weapon conspicuously sticking out of her back pocket, like handcuffs or a stake. Though at least there aren’t any visible tattoos.

Where’s the consistency? Besides the color scheme, would you look at this and think “Wonder Woman”? When other super heroes have gotten more modern looks (Batman comes to mind), it’s been more of a gradual change. An update is not a bad idea here, and I am all for Wonder Woman finally getting some pants (and possibly a breast reduction). I wonder what Wonder Woman cosplayers make of this?

But you can’t just wipe something so iconic without pissing off fans – and at the very least, we should get something iconic back. Maybe I’m old fashioned that way, but I like my super heroes to look like, well, super heroes.  Giving her a “modern sensibility” is one thing – just make sure she looks like she’s fighting villains, not vampires, please.

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