Jabba the Hutt Chocolate Cake Looks Jabbalicious

For those of you who are fans of geeky cakes, check out this absolutely amazing Jabba the Hutt cake made especially for Flickr user icruise_flickr’s birthday.

This is my birthday cake this year — Jabba the Hutt. A friend of the family kindly made this for us and I think she did a fantastic job (she also made my iPhone cake 3 years ago). My four-year-old son likes Jabba’s son Rotta and requested that the cake have Jabba and Rotta hugging, so that’s what we did. :) Jabba is made of chocolate cake, chocolate fudge, and fondant.

Many thanks to icruise_flickr for giving us permission to post his pics on [GaS]!

[Via Flickr]


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