Kevin Spacey Schools David Letterman on Twitter

It’s official folks, David Letterman is not only the cheapest man in showbusiness, but also the laziest man in showbusiness.


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  1. But I dunno if Letterman was trying to be cutesy by calling it "The Twitter" and talking about thumbs. Even if he's not on it, surely he's heard everyone talking about it without the "the" – NO-ONE I know has ever said called it "The Twitter" before, even my grandparents, so I dunno where he got it from. And the thumbs thing is to do with phones, not Twitter itself. Many still use their fingers on proper computers, duh.

    It was probably just to set up that Spacey is knowledgeable about it so he can talk to him about it, but a veteran talkshow host shouldn't have to play retard-level dumb to ask questions.

    Also, Spacey was on fire during that interview. He had a good few zingers lined up, and Letterman struggled to keep up with the pace, resorting to a totally unfunny put-down at the end that probably alienated some of his more geeky audience (especially since he knew from seconds before that some were following his much more witty guest on that very website).

    That's like presenting an award at the MTV Movie Awards and saying "I don't really like films, I don't watch films, I think they're a waste of time". Whether it's his show or not, he should know better.

    That clip both showed me how awesome Spacey is as a person and how low Letterman has fallen as a host. Barely anything he says is funny to me these days and being wholly ignorant (whether acting or genuinely) of major events and products in the media world (a world in which he's part of) just makes it worse.

    • Ignore the first "But" and any other little mistakes – I jumbled around the order of what I originally typed and forgot to make it totally coherant again, but you get the point.

    • I really hate it when people do that.. a lot of employees where I work say things such as "The Word" and "The Excel".. it drives me crazy :)

  2. Um, Andrew, I don't think you really get Letterman's humor… He calls everything "The ___", it's his special brand of satire. The image of him waving to folks on 51st street is classic Dave. And his last line about wasting time was dead on hysterical!

    • Fair enough. I didn't realise he did that to everything. But that still doesn't make it funny.

      And I'm pretty sure simply calling something a waste of time isn't that funny in itself. And he didn't offer anything else to make it funny. It was just pompous, condescending and insulted a lot of his audience, who cheered in their support of Spacey and Twitter.

      I said that I know he was probably just trying to be funny rather than it being that he really doesn't like Spacey/Twitter, but it really, really didn't work.

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