iPhone Survives Car

By Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Most of the issues that I’ve had with the iPhone involved altercations with the carrier, AT&T, but my opinion of the device increased a little today when I discovered an unexpected perk: it’s more durable than I thought. The iPhone below survived being run over by my father’s Chevy Avalanche, which weighs around 7,000 pounds, and other than the cracked glass, came away unscathed. In fact, it still works perfectly. And though it was face-up during this unfortunate encounter, I’m sure that the case helped too, so it gets a plug: fifteen bucks, from Case-Mate.

Considering that I was pretty clumsy in college and managed to destroy not one but two Nokia cellphones just by dropping them, I’m impressed.  Oh, and I should note that the running-over incident was not some sort of experiment, though how it actually got behind the rear tire of the Avalanche is still a mystery.

Have you ever been a victim of a similar situation? Did your iPhone (or any other gadget for that matter) survive the incident? Let us know in the comments section!