A Blogging Experiment


It takes real guts to work several years to build a top 50 blog, then turn it over to anyone and everyone, but that’s what’s happened at Neatorama. Alex has instituted a new feature called the Upcoming Queue. It’s like a submission, only the submitter writes the post with links and graphics. Then the public gets to vote it up or down. With enough up votes plus a decision from the editorial staff, the post goes onto the front page of the blog, with credit to the submitter. Alex even invites people to submit their own site links and content, which is frowned upon at some other networking sites. What could possibly go wrong? I suppose I will soon find out, since I work for Neatorama. Either I could be eased out of a job by the competition, or I could find myself with added editorial duties. Either way, it’s an opportunity for you to get your name (and links) out to a huge audience. Check out the submissions in the queue, and tell yourself you can do better. Then do it!

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  1. Just a quick note for the readers here… Neatorama has a huge audience, it may be no digg, but the quality of the traffic there is more than amazing.. If you have great content, that might just be the thing you were looking for to get read by thousands of people

    Plus, it's an awesome site. I recommend everyone who hasn't done it yet to subscribe to their feed.

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