Ask [GAS]: Which gadget is topping your Christmas list?

Even though I’m a geek, I’ve never really been a gadget maniac. But for the first time this year, I’ve found myself wishing someone would offer me one of those little netbooks, probably a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 or an Asus Eee PC.

Oh, I know my wife won’t be getting me this, which means I’ll give one to myself soon enough, but still, this is the thing that would make me the most happy. Why? Mostly because I don’t have a laptop, and when I’m out on the road, finding a secure way to manage this blog is an endless source of hassle. Also, having a mobile device connected to the Internet to carry around the house would be very convenient. You know, change a diaper–edit an e-mail. Do the dishes–post to the blog.

But what about you, dear readers? What would YOU like to receive this Christmas? Since this is mostly a technology blog, we’ll be sticking to things that relate to this particular field of interest, so go ahead and let us know about your techy dream items in the comments section!

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