Ask [GAS]: Which gadget is topping your Christmas list?

Even though I’m a geek, I’ve never really been a gadget maniac. But for the first time this year, I’ve found myself wishing someone would offer me one of those little netbooks, probably a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 or an Asus Eee PC.

Oh, I know my wife won’t be getting me this, which means I’ll give one to myself soon enough, but still, this is the thing that would make me the most happy. Why? Mostly because I don’t have a laptop, and when I’m out on the road, finding a secure way to manage this blog is an endless source of hassle. Also, having a mobile device connected to the Internet to carry around the house would be very convenient. You know, change a diaper–edit an e-mail. Do the dishes–post to the blog.

But what about you, dear readers? What would YOU like to receive this Christmas? Since this is mostly a technology blog, we’ll be sticking to things that relate to this particular field of interest, so go ahead and let us know about your techy dream items in the comments section!


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  1. Well for "needs" I really need a new watch. My old one is super techy, it's solar, and has an accelerometer (for accelerating of course!). Unfortunately the solar-rechargeable battery is losing its capacitance. I might actually be tempted to get a fancy analogue watch to replace my techy watch, just because my phone now does the more techy stuff….

    On a purely want side of things, I really want a new laptop as well as a desktop. The desktop would be totally futureproof and the laptop would probably be on the larger side. Still a work in progress…

  2. I'd love to have a new laptop from either System76 or Alienware, a BluRay player, my own PS3 ('cause i'm tired of sharing with my stepdad) and a LCD TV.

    And well, just wishing random stuff, I want the Terminator Endoskeleton :3. That would sure make my christmas morning the best ever.

  3. a dell mini 9, and a dell xps 1350 with 6gigs RAM and the good screen…

    I just got one of the teens an asus eee from J&R bcause it went down to $300 and was the nicest configuration Ive seen.

    I prefer the mini 9 for myself.

    I also need a dvd burner and a PS3 80+ gig for my other son….

    ther is also this particular blue and gold macaw that I love at a local bird store, bit that's a time issue as much as a money issue!

  4. I would love to have all the components for a computer for my kids. I have collected them piece by piece, but the power gizmo for the Mac Mini is not working.

    For myself, I want a dryer that turns itself off automatically and a new alternator for my van.

  5. I already have an X-Box 360, so I'm hoping for Fallout 3 and Guitar Hero: World Tour. And an LCD to play it on would be awesome.

  6. I would love to have this little credit-card sized digital audio recorder they're offering on ThinkGeek. It has a USB connection. I am an anthropology grad student whose research involves interviewing people, and this little gem will be unobtrusive and highly effective. But it's just a pie in the sky wish, I have so much else that needs my limited funds right now.

  7. My 'need' gadget for this Christmas arrived last week; a Samsung NC 10 netbook. Averaging 6-9 hours of battery during normal use so far. Vry pleased with it indeed, definitely my best purchase of 2008.

    For next year I'm hoping someone will make a better Android phone. Because I will not cave and buy an iPhone. I refuse.

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