The Beatles go digital with Rock Band-type video game

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

For years, the Beatles have frustrated their fans with refusing to have their back catalogue released online on sites such as iTunes and others.   Now the surviving members of the Fab Four have done a sudden U-turn by deciding to digitally release their music in the form of a Rock Bandtype video game.

In case you don’t know what Rock Band is, it allows you to play along to your favourite bands and songs.   So the Beatles version would be pretty much the same.  It would play the Beatles back catalogue and you can sing, play the guitar or the drums, while pretending you’re part of the legendary band.   Cue female screaming, worldwide fame – and Yoko Ono.   OK, try to forget Yoko.    Concentrate on the worldwide fame and the screaming females.

No doubt this digital game will be a huge cash cow for the Beatles, especially since Paul’s recent expensive divorce from his wife.  He can probably use a bit of cash at the moment.

Now all we need are the iTunes songs.  After a hard day’s night, eight days a week, in my job as a paperback writer, I could use some of that music.   You might say all you need is love and that we can work it out.   But from me to you, I would say that you can’t buy me love and that I will feel fine if Paul and Ringo just get those songs on iTunes.

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