Look out Microsoft, here comes the Google Air Force!

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Microsoft should start building some anti-aircraft defenses at Redmond because Google executives now have a fighter jet as part of their fleet of planes, or to be more precise, a Dornier Alpha of joint German and French design.   Nice the things you can get a hold of when you have a huge bank account eh?

The plane is part of a company controlled by Google’s top executives, including Larry Page and Sergey Brin, called “H211 L.L.C.”  The fighter jet is sitting at Moffett Field which is close to the Google campus and which is controlled by NASA.    The plane is equipped with scientific instruments for NASA missions.

NASA released some documents under the Freedom of Information Act about H211 L.L.C.   They don’t explain though why Google bosses have a NASA equipped jet and what it has to do with an internet search company.  Is this just a case of rich boys showing off their toys?    Or does Larry and Sergey have a radical business plan to wipe out their rivals in one quick bombing run?   Watch out Bill.   They’re coming for you!  Arm those surface-to-air missiles!

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