October Zombie Update [Public Service Advisory]

By Jimmy Rogers
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

As you may be aware, zombies are a constant threat to be reconed with if we are to maintain our way of life.  Therefore, we’ve decided to update you on this month’s happenings in all things zombie related.

First up, October 18th was the date of a monumental zombie outbreak in NYC.  It seems that a heavily banker/stock broker-based hoard of zombies emerged onto the streets, waving signs and carrying on with their standard brain-consuming shenanigans.  You know the economy isn’t doing too well when the zombies take notice.  From the moans of the various walking-dead present at the event, it appears that they were part of ZombieCon.  This year’s theme was “Bloody-Marys, Brains, and Bailouts.”  For some chilling videos, check out io9, who was on the scene.  [Image from NewYorkDailyPhoto.com on Flickr]

If you want to bone up on your zombie survival skills, check out his simulator, “The Outbreak.”

It’s a choose-your-own-adventure style video mashup that lets you find your way though the nightmare of a large-scale zombie attack.  There are several characters and they each have their own agenda.  It’s fun to play, but remember kids, one day it could save your life!  [Thanks Epic-Fu]

That’s all for this month, but remember to watch out: Halloween is coming, and while there actually isn’t a strong connection between zombies and Halloween, you’ll probably still run into a few while you’re out making your own mischief that night.  Here’s a little primer on how to survive a zombie uprising.  Bring your axe…you’re better safe than sorry!

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