Grab the Knife and Get Carving, Geek Style

By Jimmy Rogers
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Do you need to geek up your Halloween festivities?  Why not look to the most classic of all Halloween traditions…the pumpkin!

This ungodly looking creature is actually a replica of “The Predator” carved onto the face of a pumpkin.  Created by Villafane Studios, it is a true pumpkin masterpiece, complete with spines and a gaping mouth.  Unfortunately, it’s a bit too difficult to create on your own.  These next two are not only impressive, but completely DIY-friendly.

If you’re a long-time Star Wars buff, this pumpkin is right up your alley!  It’s a replica of the Death Star, complete with a planet-destroying beam weapon (moon-sized energy core not included).  Better yet, you can actually make this one yourself provided you can follow the instructions found at Fantasy Pumpkins.

Whether you liked the old one where Starbuck was a guy or the new one where he isn’t, Battlestar Galactica is a tried and true staple of the Sci-Fi world.  Why not carve your pumpkin into the timeless moniker of a Cylon then?  You’ll need to wire up your own LED circuits and such, but for the ambitious, you can find all the details at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

Yes, yes, all three of these are space-themed pumpkins (since Predator is an alien), but it’s certainly a nice diversion from “eyes are geometric shapes” Jack-O-Lanterns.  Come on, geek out this Halloween!

[Via io9]