The tiny iKIT notebook with the 2.8-inch screen

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

I saw this being announced on German TV last night and I knew right away that this was a candidate for a story on GAS!

A tiny notebook is being developed and released by a British company called the iKIT – and “tiny” really is the operative word here.   It has a 2.8 inch screen and as the following picture shows, it sits very snugly on a regular computer keyboard :

It isn’t able to run Microsoft Word but as this Yahoo article says, it is capable of doing a LOT of other things.  With 64MB of RAM, it will run Linux and will come pre-loaded with lots of useful apps such as IM programs, a media player, and the Opera Mini web browser to get you onto the internet.   It also has a webcam, a mini-USB port, offers WI-FI and Bluetooth connectivity, and is priced at 99 British pounds (US$161.)

If I ever found myself in need of a tiny mobile computer, this is something I might consider buying someday.   What do you think of it?