10 Geeky Marriage Proposals

by Casey Lynn
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Having found the LittleBigPlanet marriage proposal so endearing, I decided to seek out some other inventive and geeky proposals. After all, geeks are great at looking outside the box. So here are a few proven geeky ways to say, “Will you marry me?”

1. …with a LOLcat. This past Valentine’s Day, a marriage proposal appeared on icanhascheezeburger, with a cat plaintively asking for the lady’s “hand in marridj.” (Bonus: She replied using a LOLcat of her own.)

2. …in Bejeweled. Earlier this year, a Jersey City man spent a month reprogramming Bejeweled so that when his girlfriend reached a high score, it would reward her with, “Marry me!” They are planning a Bejeweled-themed wedding, and PopCap has donated copies of the game for their guests.

3. …on Google Street View. A few months ago, a software engineer held up a sign that read “Proposal 2.0: Marry me Leslie!” as a Google Street View car drove past his Silicon Valley office. He then set up a website encouraging people to tell his girlfriend about it.

4. …with an iPod. In 2004, a Norwegian man proposed via an engraving on the back of a 20GB iPod. And the next year, someone did it with a nano.

5. …in a crossword puzzle. The clue for 111 across in a 2007 Boston Globe crossword puzzle was “a generic proposal.” The answer–“will you marry me?”–was intended for a specific woman, whose boyfriend had appealed to romantic side of the crossword puzzle’s writer.

6. …in Halo. Last year, a Halo 3 player used the game’s Forge map editor to write out “Will You Marry Me?” in the terrain for his girlfriend to see.

7. …using Reddit. Earlier this year, a young woman proposed to her “classic nerd” of a boyfriend with a reddit posting. (Apparently he clicked the up arrow…)

8. …in a comic. Penny Arcade fans may remember that back in 1999, Mike Krahulik proposed to his girlfriend on the popular web comic.

9. …on Slashdot. In 2004, a man proposed in the “most potentially embarassing way possible,” a posting to Slashdot. It only took the girlfriend fifteen minutes to reply!

10. …over Twitter. Just last week, a couple of “tweethearts” (ha!) decided to get hitched over Twitter. Apparently this geeky proposal style is getting to be a real trend!

So, can any of you geeky romantics beat these?  I know that I’m hoping for a proposal someday that will land on the front page of Digg…