The Web 2.0 method of proposing marriage

By Mark O’Neill
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

Whatever happened to the days of Mr Darcy when if you wanted to marry someone, you would visit the potential bride’s father and ask for permission to court his daughter?

When Google decided to take some new Street View images at the Googleplex, one Google employee decided to use the opportunity to ask his girlfriend to marry him – the Web 2.0 way.   He rigged up a website called Marry Me Leslie and then when the Street View cameras swung his way, he held up his banner for all to see :

But wait, Romeo isn’t finished yet!   Despite Leslie (that’s the lucky gal) already accepting his proposal once before, he decides that a second “yes” isn’t enough (oh for the love of….) so he invited readers to email his bride-to-be via his website to tell her how stupendously lucky she is to have such a wonderful boyfriend who isn’t satisfied with two yes’s to his marriage proposal.

What’s next?   A third marriage proposal by getting into a rocket and taking off into space?

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