New “The Spirit” Trailer Out Online: It Makes Sense this Time

If you saw the first trailer for The Spirit a while ago, you probably either said “What?!?!” or “Oh, I read that graphic novel.”  If your answer was the latter, this is just eye candy for you.  If you are in the first catagory, then this new trailer sheds a whole lot of light on the theme of the movie.  Personally, I feared it was some movie that was simply trying to capitalize on the sucess of other graphic novel-based movies (such as 300 and Sin City).  Watch the trailer for yourself and I think you’ll see it in a different light.

Wow, looks like it could be fantastic.  In fact it seems as though it was specifically crafted to ease our withdrawl after the newest Batman movie.  Eccentric villains, a shadowy protagonist, and a dark city…it’s a perfect fit!  The Spirit even has that gravelly voice.

I’m not a humongous graphic novel fan, but this movie promises to be an action-packed hero saga if ever there was one.

4 Responses to New “The Spirit” Trailer Out Online: It Makes Sense this Time

  1. Reminds me slightly of the look and feel of Sin City. Not sure if it's a good, or bad, thing. Either way, it looks interesting enough, this time around :)

  2. Actually looks better than I thought it would. I've been curious about this becoming a sort of genre of its own since sin city (film/comic hybrid). Interested to see how it plays out.

    Although, I am a little disappointed to see Sam Jackson in that role. Seems like they could have made a much much more interesting casting choice there.

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