“Anonymous” Rallies for a Second Assault on Scientology

By Jimmy Rogers
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

It would seem to most casual surfers of the Internet that the battle that once roared between The “Church” of Scientology and the group called “Anonymous” all but fizzled out.  While Guy Fawkes mask-wearing protesters are still occasionally sighted outside of Dianetics centers, the oddly named group doesn’t make the major headlines anymore.

The Masks Are AssemblingClearly the higher-ups in Anonymous are worried that their movement may come to a halt.  On August 1st, the powers that be issued another chilling video to their members, supporters, and the Internet at large, stating their new determination to:

“shift to more subtle and shocking tactics.”

While it had the same Anonymous “clouds and traffic overlay,” the video was a little longer and dealt with slightly more specific topics than some of the original releases.

Personally I’m a bit confused with their video.  It’s very “rally the troops” but it lacks any real pith.  If anything it seems to be suggesting that they are going to do things that will really disagree with their more fair weather supporters.  Do they mean Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks?  If so, that’s nothing new for them.

The video also seems to put down newer Anonymous members for being too wimpy.  To make sure all their bases were covered, they issued a second video to the tune of:

“In any conflict of this magnitude every part plays a role. All Anonymous are welcome regardless of their origins, tactics, beliefs or reasons for their fight.”

“…every part plays a role?”  You really can’t be too much more wishy-washy than that.

Here is the first video so you can form your own opinions (post them below):

[Via The Register] [Image courtesy of David Shankbone]