PS3 Firmware 2.4: DON’T UPDATE!

Just a quick post to warn Playstation 3 owners to wait a bit before updating their console to the latest firmware. It seems that quite a few users on the official Playstation forum are reporting that the new 2.4 firmware bricked their unit. On some cases, people are writing that the SIXAXIS controller refused to sync after the update, and on others, the PS3 stopped sending video and audio signal to the attached display.

Has anyone updated yet, and if so, is your PS3 still in working condition?

Edit: I’ve received 2 emails in the past few hours telling me that I was, and I quote: “A moron only looking for web hits”. If you guys need further proof that this is a REAL issue, you only have to look at this page on the PS3 official support site.

UPDATE: 7/2/2008, the PLAYSTATION 3 system software version 2.40 has been temporarily taken offline and will not be available for download as our engineers examine any possible issues with this update. The Knowledge Center will be updated with information as it becomes available; please check back here for further details.