Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks

Today, we’ve got 3 interesting white papers for those of you looking to optimize how your sites rank within search engines. These documents are very well written and offer some good information as what you must and must not do to help your site become more visible.

Do’s and Don’ts of Search Engine Optimization

The world of Search Engine Optimization has a colorful past of both good quality techniques and poor quality techniques, also known as Spam. Search Engine Optimizers have been categorized as White Hat or Black Hat. The White Hat techniques embrace a “Best Practices” approach to SEO. They typically work for both the good of the Web site and the good of the Search Engines. Black Hat techniques can actually harm results and devalue a web site.

This Paper will examine the techniques that fall under both sides of Search Engine Optimization. The grey area topics will not be covered. The past few years have seen great achievements in communication between Search Engines and SEOs / Webmasters. This communication has led to a much clearer path for long term successful Natural Search Engine Optimization.

Website Redesign and Search Engine optimization – Keys For Success

Now is a great time to examine your Web site and decide if it is due for a redesign. It could be as simple as a graphical facelift or as robust as a ground-up rebuild. This can be a frightening endeavor when Search Engine traffic is added to the equation.

Ultimately, a well planned and executed strategy will ensure a smooth transition to a superior Web site with new and optimized content, providing increased value for users and Search Engines.

Determining the Best Keyword Strategies for Your SEO and SEM Campaigns

Keyword rankings in the major Search Engines have long been the desire of Website owners and online marketers. Keywords used in Search Engines have evolved proportionally with the World Wide Web. They are not just single word phrases anymore. They are not static short lists of target phrases. Instead, they are growing and live lists full of robust combinations of core keywords plus many qualifiers. This white paper will provide the knowledge necessary to determine what keywords to use for your SEO and SEM.

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