High-Tech Bar Tables Offer Virtual Flirting

By JR Raphael
Contributing Writer, [GAS]

A new Microsoft-powered table lets you flirt with strangers at a bar — without ever leaving your seat.

Microsoft debuted the high-tech tabletop at Harrah’s Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas this week. It revolutionizes the very nature of the watering hole and may change the face of the drunken hookup forever.

Virtual Flirt

Shy guys, listen up: This feature could let you approach women in a bar without having to actually approach them. The counter’s built-in 30-inch flatscreen has a program that gives you a glimpse at the location’s ladies, even if they’re sitting right behind you. You can look at them via integrated cameras, chat with them, take and send photos, and even use the convenient number exchange option when you’re ready to seal the deal. All this, and you never have to make eye contact. Unfortunately, though, Microsoft forgot to incorporate the cybersex add-on, so you will have to engage in some old-fashioned human interaction if you wish to engage in an amorous event.


Want to mix your own drink? Now you can — sort of. The system’s Mixologists program gives you the toys to play bartender. You can click on any alcohol, juice, or mixer and drag as much of it as you want into your drink. Once you finish the concoction, a bartender will get the message and whip up your custom-made creation. The Mixologists program will even remember your drink so you can get it again. The hope is to eventually network throughout all Harrah’s properties so you could order your drink from any station, anywhere at its Vegas hotels.

Bar Boredom

The computers have plenty of options to help you beat a boring night at the bar. You can watch videos on YouTube and play a variety of games. Oh, the bar can watch you, too: The system is designed to track your drinking and gambling habits to help the hotel better market to you.

Future Uses

This may only be the beginning of the tabletop computer technology. The systems — which are completely safe to set drinks on — have already been used in AT&T Wireless stores, where they recognize phones and give customers information specific to their devices. Microsoft is now working on applications for Starwood Hotels. We can only hope that they too will have the built-in flirt technology, room-to-room.

Check out the system for yourself in this video that will be nothing like any normal person’s experience.